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Steam ᵠ Origin (Palaven9678) ᵠ Raptr


FINALLY playing this game! My bf bought it on Friday but I haven’t had a chance to play it until now.

Isn’t she the cutest? Blue ladies, man. Blue ladies.


Commission for the lovely Palaven

I put a ton of love and quality in it kind of as a little Christmas gift to her because she’s literally the sweetest person I know honestly :’0 And I’ve always wanted to draw her character Gwil because she’s so pretty gosh <3

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen and I’m still crying a little over how happy I am over this. ( Also I’m not that good of a person fjdianfiskfisbjd now i’m all gushy haha)


Moving to the end of current doodle commissions list.

1. Hashtati for armentarius

2. Gwilwileth Tabris for palaven

3. Miriel de Boucher  for secretsofthemasquerade

4. Duncan Oliver for secretsofthemasquerade

Gwil turned out awesome, thank you!!

renlyslittlerose answered your post: I want to draw, but I don’t know what …

What you plan your Inquisitor to look like?

,I’m a little embarrassed because  it’s like I already have my inquisitor mostly planned out ahahahaaa Her armor is still a work in progress, but her face and hair are pretty much set in stone.

She has a quick temper, but has learned to control her patience to an extent. She’s not loud, but has a pretty stern voice. Likes playing bad cop to get what she wants. Has a cold and very scary glare.
She also has a half-sister who is human. She is actually a really devoted Andrastean. (sp?) I’m thinking she’ll be a rogue.

Gudrun looks so good in Blades armor.


Commission for my gurl palaven of her two asari ladies uvu

I’ll reblob this instead and destroy my post boop boop

Every time we get a big snowfall where I live, I always want to play Skyrim. So I did and after killing the Emperor’s cousin Gudrun is the prettiest Stormblade. c;

I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim lately. Here are two of my many ladies, Chaelli, my breton mage that you guys have seen before I’m sure, and Gudrun, a recently remade PS3-to-PC character.
I need to find a circlet soon, she looks odd without one.

I forgot how much of a cutie Audra is.

I was bored so I made myself draw some of my ocs. 
In this, Gwil is 8, Audra 11, Pyrsea is 6, and Hedge is 4 haha.

I was bored so I made myself draw some of my ocs. 

In this, Gwil is 8, Audra 11, Pyrsea is 6, and Hedge is 4 haha.