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I found out that I wouldn’t have enough time to work on my Hawkgirl cosplay this month, due to being too busy with the local lolita comm among other things. I decided that I’d better put those kelly green tights to use and make a fun, casual costume to go with my sister to CCEE!

I can’t wait to receive the jacket and start painting and adding to it! c:

For some reason today, I got really nostalgic over my second ever cosplay. Philia Felice, Tales of Destiny. I made this forever and a half ago and thank god my skills have improved since.

It’s really embarrassing to look at, but at the same time I’m really proud of my past self for how well the belt turned out as well as my first try with applique! (and fabric dye but that never turns out well for me)

I’m thinking about remaking this costume again. I’ll actually be able to do it proper too, haha.

After a long internal debate, I’ve chosen to cosplay Mitch Brettweiser's neat redesign of Wonder Woman this April at Calgary Expo! I think it's a really nice take on WW and encompasses her character wonderfully.

I already have the materials for the skirt and everything, haha. Might need to buy a sewing machine though. This looks pretty daunting for just handsewing, especially with the corset-making and the cape (If I choose to make it.)

I want to buy my Sailor Moon wig but can’t until next month UGH UGH UGGGGGH I just want to be super cute and have big odango hair ♥n

Thanks for the positive affirmations with the Sailor Moon cosplay thing, guys. I was super self conscious, since I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I wasn’t ‘appropriate’ to cosplay Sailor Moon, but she’s my favourite so I really want to.

I’m going to do it anyway, but I needed that little ‘You can do it!” push, haha.

Do you guys think I might be too chubby to cosplay Sailor Moon? I love how I’m a bit chubby, and she is canonly a little chubby (it’s written I mean, not so much shown haha) but I still worry that I will get made fun of or not look right.

Or is there another scout I could do better with my chub?

I’ve decided that I’m going to still cosplay, but on my time and budget and not give a fuck about what the internet thinks.

So this year I’m going to try to finish my Jolyne as well as my Liara, and do maybe one more costume too. I think that sounds fair.

I want to cosplay from Final Fantasy X-2 (I’ve wanted to for years) and I think I want to try to do it for this summer, but I don’t know anyone who’d want to cosplay Paine with my sister (Rikku) and I (Yuna).

Someone commission me a bunch of Jojo wigs. I feel like I can’t cosplay 90% of the characters in JJBA, but fuck it I want to make all the gooddamn wigs. Problem is, I buy my wig fibres almost exclusively from Arda so wig commissions from me would cost like $100-250 depending on the complexity. :/

 I wonder if my sister will let me put fake boobs on her to cosplay Hermes Costello. She’d probably be a better Foo Fighter but shit she is really tall for a 13 year old.