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One more shot of my Usagi cosplay!

Series: Sailor Moon 
Usagi Tsukino: Palaven Cosplay
Photographer: Sukidesu

My Usagi wig’s buns exploded, and without the right items to repair it, I had no choice but to buy a blue wig from the vendor’s hall. Instant Ami cosplay!

Series: Sailor Moon 
Ami Mizuno: Palaven Cosplay
Minako Aino: Sukidesu
Photographer: 2sosmia

Had so much fun at Animethon this weekend!

I was Usagi for Saturday and some of Sunday. I couldn’t help it, I had to have a little fun with the ladies at Starbucks.

For some reason today, I got really nostalgic over my second ever cosplay. Philia Felice, Tales of Destiny. I made this forever and a half ago and thank god my skills have improved since.

It’s really embarrassing to look at, but at the same time I’m really proud of my past self for how well the belt turned out as well as my first try with applique! (and fabric dye but that never turns out well for me)

I’m thinking about remaking this costume again. I’ll actually be able to do it proper too, haha.

I was practicing for my Merrill cosplay ask blog and oh my gosh, my cat is a twisted creature.

Last of my Animethon dumps, sorry!
I met this Jotaro cosplayer when I was dressed in my casual Jolyne getup and we ended up hanging out for a bit. Posing was inevitable!

I taught him the pose on the bottom left on the spot so it’s a bit rough (and go figure I was teaching him it incorrectly woops It’s been a long time since I read part 3 okay) but he’s definitely much better with Wryyying than I am! (I was also laughing my ass off at the time, haha.)

Just finished editing all my Animethon photos. I really wish I had got my dress finished, it would look much better than this one, haha.


I found a Jolene, check out her AWSOME wig #cosplay #animethon #jjba

This is me, haha. I’m still so happy you liked my wig!

What should I do?

I want to cosplay Madoka so badly! I didn’t have a costume (or the perfect wig to be honest) but I just had to try her out with one of my lolita blouses. I want to try to make a proper cosplay of her this summer, but I don’t know which outfit to choose!

Like a step by step of how I begin my costumes?

First things first, after I chose my character I gather as much references of the character as I possibly can. Full body shots from every angle and closeups where I need them.  I’ll use Isabela as an example.

After that I try to split the costume into layers or pieces. For Isabela I’d split it into her dress, her boots, and then everything else.  Then once I figure that out, I try to find any pattern or tutorial online. You can find some free online, or for purchase either online or at physical stores. Some patterns you have to modify to match the character better, at that point I’d probably ask for some help from someone who’s been sewing a bit longer. You could even put two patterns together to make one design. Since I’ve been sewing for so long, I draft my own patterns, but I could never expect anyone new to sewing to do that. For Isabela, if I didn’t make my own pattern, I’d use the top of this pattern, and the bottom of this one, but I’d modify it a little bit.

At that point I’d either buy some really cheap linen or use any scrap fabric like curtains or tablecloths around the house to make a ‘practice’ copy of the costume. Just to make sure you understand how the pattern works or see any areas you have to make smaller or larger.

After doing the practice one, and after figuring out what/if you need to change it, then do the ‘proper’ one with the fabric for the real cosplay

For the boots there are a ton of bootcover tutorials online, or you could modify boots but that’s a bit more expert. For the rest of it like the armor bits I’d look online for tutorials.

After doing all that and sewing it all up, I run around the house for one day to do a ‘trial’ run and see if I need to repair or strengthen any parts of the costime.

Does that help at all or??