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so after three years of really smart commenters on Reddit and random Yahoo articles complaining about the princesses’ eyes being closed, I decided to take the advice to heart and update the series!

I’ll start rolling out the finished pieces over the next couple of weeks, but I think it’s clearly for the best.

Your sister is dead. Because of you.

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ive been listening to the korean version of  ’let it go’ all day long and so i was like man how cool would it be if frozen took place in korea and thats how this sloppy ass sketch came to be

It might surprise you

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Mary Blair iPhone 5 Backgrounds: Row I - Cinderella (1950), Row II - Alice in Wonderland (1951), Row III - Peter Pan (1953)


Frozen is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!


Frozen is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

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You can’t run from this! Your sister is dead…because of you

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Holy shit Sam look at this


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Hey everyone! I wanted to share my technique for making Elsa’s bodice! I’ve seen a few discouraging posts in the Elsa cosplay tag discussing how expensive Elsa’s dress would be.

Well, I have a super tight budget, so I found went on a search for an alternative for sequins for the bodice. It would have required over 1000 cut sequins for me, and over 50 dollars just in sequins. If you can find sequins for cheaper, that’s still visually my favorite method, but I was out of options.

I wanted something iridescent like the sequins, so I ordered some iridescent paper. From this site: Mulberry Paper and More and ordered one sheet of “Ice Blue” Iridescent Paper and one sheet of “Purple Haze” Iridescent Paper For a total of $3.70.

You can see how the paper behaves here: Ice Blue Iridescent Paper

I promise it looks gorgeous on the bodice. I was weary of it looking “glittery” but honestly, I love it.

I then cut the paper into tiny strips and modge podged it directly onto the bodice in an overlapping, geometric pattern. 

I added rectangular AB Rhinestones for the little “mirrored” pieces on elsa’s bodice, and it gives it just a little extra sparkle that I love.

I ordered those from Ebay here: AB rectangle rhinestones 

Here’s the (Estimated) cost of the bodice:

Iridescent Paper: $4.00

Modge Podge: $5.00

1 Yard of cotton + thread: $1.50

Rectangle Rhinestones: $3.50

(Estimated) Total: 13.50

And honestly that total is on the higher end of the spectrum. It’s probably cheaper than that haha. 

But folks, the result is gorgeous and I’m pretty proud. 

Just an alternative method. Thanks for reading! 

Edit: I promise those wrinkles come out when in use. >.< Promise!

I love seeing cosplayers pull off beautiful pieces on a tight budget. You’ve captured this look so beautifully.

- Jenn